In this page are collected the frequent answered questions (FAQ) that our customers have asked and that we have listed on this page to help you in your order process.

In the case you not find your answer, you can contact our customer service.


I want to place an order on Ethnos, what should I do?

You need to register by clicking on the "REGISTER" button on the orange bar in the top right corner.
Alternatively, during your first purchase process, a window will appear in which you will be asked for registration. You will choose your Username and Password, which will be the same ones you'll need to use to sign in again for any subsequent purchases.

Ethnos has a showroom where you can physically see the products live?

Yes, the showroom is called Ethnica and is located in Verona, Via Carlo Cattaneo 16, just a few steps from the Arena.
Visit us to see all the products of Ethnos and more in our exclusive collections!

I want to speak directly with the staff of Ethnos, how can I contact you?

In this section you can find all our contact informations.

I would like some informations regarding the care of a product purchased from Ethnos, where can I find them?

Here at Ethnos we care a great deal about the quality of our products, which have a very simple maintenance, be it Silver, Pewter, Brass, Copper, Aluminium or Bronze.

To learn more, visit our section dedicated to our most commonly used materials.

What can I do to be always updated on the latest Ethnos news?

On this page you can subscribe to our newsletter to receive by mail the latest news, or become our fan on Facebook where, besides the last products added, you will find regular updates of interesting articles, reviews and news from the ethnic world!

I am very interested in exploring the history and symbolism related to your products, where can I learn more?

We always try to complete each product details providing as much information as possible about the history and meanings related to it.

Especially if a product has a great cultural/symbolic value, the part of the tab dedicated to its meaning will be long and detailed.

Explore the products of our collections to discover the history, mythology and cultural aspects of unusual and fascinating peoples and ethnicities away from us!

I received the product ordered on Ethnos but I would like to return it/change it, how can I do?

You can make changes or returns products purchased on Ethnos:

- In case of return you can exercise your right of withdrawal

- In case of change, you can execute it within the time established by the right of withdrawal and the terms should be discussed with our customer service.

Are your products hypoallergenic?

Yes, they are since they do not contain toxic metals (eg nickel), such as by international regulations.

To learn more about precious metals and semi-precious metals used in our products Ethnos, please visit our section dedicated to the Materials.

When shopping on Ethnos am I protected?

Yes, Ethnos is a trademark of Ethnica snc, PI and Tax Identification 02713650238, with physical headquarters in Via Cattaneo 16 in Verona, and all purchases are recorded in our book fees.

Does Ethnos wholesale?

No, when don’t wholesale outside of Italy at the moment.

In your collections, do you have rare or antique pieces available?

Yes, for each of our collections is available the category ‘Rare Finds’, which you can find in the same menu -just above the products thumbnails- where you can choose between 'Bracelets', 'Rings', 'Necklaces', etc...

The pieces found in ‘Rare Finds’ are the most significant and valuable, or articles that you’ll not likely see back on Ethnos, once exhausted.

Shipping charges are found to be different than indicated, is that possible?

When you register, the county and state are automatically set to the first letter of the alphabet.

When you order, remember to always check your datas so that they actually correspond to your shipping address.

Where can I find the products of each Ethnos collections?

On the homepage, click on one of our collections’ images to view and purchase all the products available sorted by type (rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.), upload date and price (ascending or descending), each including a detailed information sheet for knowing the history and symbology, size, origin and price of every item.

The cost of the shipping fees is related to each item ordered or to the whole package?

The cost of delivery is to be intended per parcel, not per item.

I want to buy a product with a specific origin / material / cost, how can I do it?

Just go to the 'Search' button in the menu bar.

You can use this page to explore our collections based on:

- Symbols ('Claddagh', 'Skull', 'Hand of Fatima', 'Infinity', etc.)

- Product type (ring, bracelet, pendant, etc.)

- Material (Silver, Pewter, Turquoise, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, etc.)

- Country of Origin (England, Nepal, North America, etc.)

- Price Range

My order is actually a gift, would it be possible to have it wrapped and with a note attached?

Yes it is.

Just select the 'gift' option when confirming your purchase and then enter your greetings in the 'message' field.

At this link you can see how your gifts are going to be wrapped.

What are the modalities of payment possible?

For orders to be shipped outside of Italy you can pay by Credit Card/Paypal/Bank Transfer.

Here you can find more informations about our payment policies.

Statement of security and privacy

What are the times of delivery once I have made my purchase?

Delivery times depend on the country of destination.

Here you can find more informations about this.

I placed an order, but I have not received any feedback from you yet. How do I know if it was successful?

Once an order is placed you will receive an automatic order summary via email from Ethnos.

If you have placed your order by Credit Card / Paypal and did not receive the email of the happened payment from the circuit of expertise, then it means that the transaction has not been successful. For added security, however, you can contact us by phone or email.

If payment through Credit Card / Paypal has been successful, we will send you an email confirming the despatch of your order in 24/48 hours.

I registered on your site, but I can not remember my password, what should I do?

To obtain a new password just go to the 'Login' button in the orange bar at the top of every page and select ‘Password Lost?'

You have now to enter the same email with which you previously registered to get a new password immediately, which will then be freely editable by the user once logged in.

I registered on your site, but I can not remember either username or password, what can I do?

For instructions on how to recover your lost password, refer to the FAQ above.

If you have forgotten your username, you may need to create a new account (in this case, you have to provide an email different from the one previously used or our system will match it to an already existing user). In case this was not possible, send an email to our staff with your full name, address, and -if possible- email address that corresponds to your old account. We will try to retrieve your username and password as soon as possible.

How do I report changes or clarifications regarding a specific order (eg belts sizes, product's color, etc.)?

You can add any additional details regarding your order in the 'Notes' box at the time of purchase.

I would like to buy a ring but I don't know my size, what can I do?

If you already have a ring that fits you it is sufficient to measure the inside diameter (eg 1.7 - 1.8 - 2.0 cm, etc), otherwise you should go to a goldsmith or a jeweler where they have the appropriate tools to take measurements.
Click here for the ring size chart

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