Necklace with Navajo motive of the pomegranate flowers, pendant Naja

Product code:RW17
Price:1760.00 EUR
2340.80 USD
Material:Silver and Turquoise
Meaning:This necklace represents the traditional Navajo motive of the pomegranate flowers, completed by the central pendant 'Naja'. The Naja was initially used by the Navajo tribes as decoration of the reins. It represents the crescent half moon and was popular by Phoenicians to represent the God of Fertility, Astarte. When the moors ruled over Spain they adopted this symbol as decoration for the reins, to protect horses and knights from the 'evil's eye'. The Navajo received the idea of this symbol either directly from the Spanish conquerors or from other tribes who had contacts with the Europeans. They didn't give to it a particular spiritual or symbolic meaning, but introduce it in a massive way in their culture considering it a basic element.
It is completed by a couple of earrings, which completes the set: they are 3,5cm x 2,0.
Country:North America
Length:68 cm
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