mask in jade from Guatemala
maschera in giada del Guatemala
mask in jade from Guatemala
handmade ethnic jewelry

América del Sur – Perú | Collar joya con jade de Guatemala




Stunning Handmade Necklace made by skilled craftsman-designer using excellent quality materials, South American origin for preference.

The pendant stone (to which the sizes indicated in the product-sheet refer) is an oval shape of precious jade from Guatemala sculpted manually with the appearance of a pre-Columbian mask, with a recess in the thickness along the entire perimeter in which the Brazilian waxed nylon thread is inserted to support it; a fine work of braiding and weaving completes the necklace by creating a breastplate pattern (height 12 cm and width 8 cm); in the center, always inserted using the same technique, an oval jade stone.
The closure is made using a jade bead as the button while the buttonhole is in thread Brazilian waxed nylon, and then allow to adjuste the length.
The details cut into small cylinders are amazonite.

2.4 cm
1.9 cm
País de origen
Jade, Tela