rari gioielli etnici pietre naturali
handmade ethnic jewelry
rari gioielli etnici pietre naturali
gioiello etnico peruviano

América del Sur – Perú | Collar joya tribal con piedras semi preciosas




Marvelous handmade Necklace made by skilled craftsman-designer using excellent quality materials, South American origin for preference.

The pendant (to which the sizes indicated in the product-sheet refer)  is a natural spiny oyster shell to which the Brazilian waxed nylon thread is hooked which with a refined manual braiding and weaving creates a breastplate pattern that is typically South American, colorful in shades gray/green, brick-red and shaded orange (height 9 cm and width 10.5 cm); in the center, always inserted using the same technique, a round stone of natural and raw chrysocolla.
The stone details are Peruvian opal pebbles, only polished.
The two ends crossing and sliding to allow the adjustment to the measure.

6.6 cm
1.8 cm
País de origen
Piedras semipreciosas, Tela