Antigua Pulsera Bilezik tradicional




Old Bracelet of Turkmen crafts in silver, carnelian and vermeil.
Model specifically of Tekke tradition – one of the most important and brave of the Turkmen tribes – the Bileziks are made with the form of a heavy silver cuff decorated then with vermeil, a technique used to give more emphasis to the engraved ornaments, and cornalines normally set with a cabochon oval cut, but more rarely with an almond shape.
Bracelets from two to four bands can be easily found, ones from five to eight bands are quite difficult to find but the rarest model is the one with a single band, as in this case.
The opening is usually narrow, complemented by a series of teeth or claws that often evoke snakeheads or arrowheads, used symbolically to ward off the evil eye.

6 cm
3.1 cm
Cornalina, Plata y
País de origen