Artesanía Afganistán | Lapislázuli grabados a mano




Classic Necklace of Afghan handicrafts, typical for the use of lapis lazuli stones and its workmanship where each stone is cut and engraved by hand characterizing the individual elements: the effect is a charming mix of simplicity and ancient elegance.

Lapis Lazuli stones, already well known and diffusely used in ancient Egypt as well as in Mesopotamia, are composed of Calcite and, more importantly, Lazurite which gives the characteristic blue color, and also with iron inclusions given by the golden Pyrite.
The most important deposits of Lapis Lazuli, as well as its mines, can be found in Afghanistan, in the Badakhshan region (known since the time of Marco Polo) — but also in Chile and China, in smaller numbers.

Related to the water element and the 5th chakra of the throat, Lapis Lazuli is associated with the sphere of emotions and femininity, involving feelings such as love, compassion, insight and welcome.
For Buddhists, this beautiful stone is considered one of the Seven Treasures and it indicates the Self-Consciousness.

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