Artesanía Bereber llamado ‘Tagmout o Taguemout’ – zona de Ait Issefen en la región de Tiznit – Marruecos





Magnificent old Berber Pendant made of Silver and completely decorated in enamels with the cloisonné technique, so dear to the skilled artisans of Maghreb of Jewish origin who have been working in this area since the Middle Ages.
This extraordinary pearl, called Tagmout or Taguemout, is typical of the area of Ait Issefen, in the region of Tiznit.
Its particular shape that reminds the one of an egg is a protective element for the women’s life, maternity and childbirth, it’s a symbol of fertility and everything else connected to it and eternity.
The glazes, bright in their traditional green, yellow and blue colors, are cooked with fire: at the bottom of the Taguemout can often be found old coins, as in this case, applied to increase the talismanic power of the pendant as a bearer of wealth.
Singular object in excellent condition, it is certainly characteristic and catches the eye of the beholder when worn, and at the same time can be an interesting collector’s item.

7 cm
6 cm
Esmalte, Plata y
País de origen

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