Berber Anklet also called ‘Khalkhal’ glazed using the Cloisonnèe technique




Spectacular Berber Anklet in Silver, completely decorated with geometrical glazed motifs, using the cloisonné technique.
This ancient technique has been taught to the Beni Yenni by the ancient Jews coming from Kabylie.
Bracelets and anklets are Berber women’s favorite jewels, and they use to wear them in pairs: a single pair for their everyday life and a multitude during feast days, preferring those heavy, big and full geometrical motifs.
The green, blue and yellow Enamels are typical of the Ida ou Semlal (a tribe living in the Tiznit area) and have determined the fame of these great goldsmiths.
The use of anklets, called ‘Khalkhal’ is very old, and is a real habit in Morocco both in the cities and in the countries.
This particular kind of anklets (which recall the shape of the so called ‘Tanbelt’ bracelets) can be opened on one side through a hinge that renders the joint very elegant, given also that it has been hidden by a decorative glazed cover. The fastener – a simple Silver nail – is linked to the anklet through a Silver, safe-chain.
These kind of jewels present a decoration that follows the series of cusps (here very accentuated) that function as a defensive means. There are also two dark red cabochons in Glass that represent blood and Life.
The use of circles and triangles is deeply connected with their own symbology: the triangle is used to keep the evil away, while the circular shape signifies Eternity and Perfection symbolizing the desire for a never ending unity.
This unique object, with its splendid beauty, is very rare due to its weight (340 grams) and size, that are considered as a sign of high social prestige.
Traditionally it is the fiancée who presents these kind of jewels to his future bride.

Collectible’s item.

7 cm
8 cm
Country of origin
Enamel, Silver and

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