Bracelet in fossil Siberian mammoth ivory




Interesting fossil mammoth ivory Bracelet, consisting of ten squared elements threaded on an elastic band.
Thanks to the careful processing, the emphasis of this jewel is on its warm and unique color, making it a piece of great charm, elegant and refined.
Coming almost exclusively from Siberia, mammoth ivory has been widely used for a very long time, being a great replacement for the elephant one: thanks to the characteristics which make it almost equal to its more popular rival, this material is definitely preferable from the point of view of ethics.
The use of elephant ivory has been declared ILLEGAL by the end of the 70s, having caused the extermination of thousands of animals: this deplorable practice still does not stop, also enhanced by strong demand in the international market and the prosperous and substantial proceeds of its sale, where it is used mainly in the sacred art, and of course for the creation of jewelry.
It is clear that while selecting an object in fossil ivory you are not purchasing a prohibited product, opting for one in elephant ivory feeds the market of poaching and smuggling.

2 cm
Fossil Ivory
Country of origin

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