tessuti Suzani - tessuti in vendita Verona
tessuti Suzani - tessuti in vendita Verona
tessuti Suzani - tessuti in vendita Verona
tessuti Suzani - tessuti in vendita Verona

Bufanda de lana con motivos tradicionales Suzani


108,00  64,80 


Exclusive Scarf in pure wool: on a purple/lilac base, the embroidery drawing made takes the traditional Suzani decorative motifs, created in relief and in contrasting colors that stand out on the uniform background.

The art of Suzani embroidery is typical of Central Asia, in countries such as Uzbekistan and Kazakistan, although the gorgeousness of the products manufactured has influenced the creativity of the artisans of the surrounding areas.
In Persian the word Suzani means needle to point to the processing technique used for the executions of this wonderful products: with a thread of wool or silk, the cotton cloth is embroidered both by buttonhole and chain stitch, using yarns with bright colors.
The decorative motifs are usually floral ones, embroidered with leaves, flowers and branches chosen in contrast to the arid and barren natural environment typical of the area; rarely they can be found with animal subjects such as fish and birds.
Plaintiffs are the decorations representing palm buds, roses and pomegranates, a symbol of prosperity originally connected to the sun and the moon.
Traditional handicrafts typical of feminine production, Suzani fabrics used to be prepared by brides as part of their dowry and then given to their future husband on their wedding day.

You can hand wash the fabric with cold water and mild detergent. Do not let it soak and then rinse under running water.

186 cm
País de origen
Uzbekistán – Bujara