Ceremonial original Calumet of Native crafts




Extraordinary original ceremonial Calumet of vintage Native crafts made of carved Wood and embellished with Silver foil.
The cooker is made of Steatite – hard stone in the shades dark brown/black and currently used by the tribes of the Northwest Coast – dug internally by hand and decorated with the same silver pattern of the torch as well as small fragments of natural turquoise.

In traditional culture, this ritual pipe was used on special occasions: ceremonies during which pacts were made, treaties were defined or peace was consecrated. In addition, the calumet was used to send prayers to the Great Spirit, creating the necessary link between the earthly and the spiritual.

The torch is the male part, while the cooker is the female one: these two sections joined together form the two poles that hold up the whole, complementing each other.
When a person smokes they put sage and sweet grass in the cooker, each in their own way; the left hand is used to hold the calumet while the right one spreads the smoke above the head as a blessing.

Regarded as a proper microcosm, the calumet together with the torch represent our spirit, while the stove – or fireplace – is the centre of the universe; the fire symbolizes the material part and the smoke the spiritual one.

Smoking in solitude can get a person in touch with their ancestors, while smoking along with others strengthens friendship, harmony and unity.

Steatite Stove size:
length cm 9
width 3.5 cm
height 6.7 cm

43 cm
3 cm
Country of origin
North America

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