Colgante de artesanado Afgano decorado con niel




Original sterling silver pendant with a singular rhomboidal shape and, set in the middle, a nice cut lapis lazuli decorated all around with a niello pattern.

Interesting ornamental technique typical of the artworks of goldsmiths and known since ancient times – it was widely used by the ancient Egyptians, as well as Mycenaean artisans – it found ample practice in Eastern and Byzantine artifacts.
This method consists in filling the incisions with a compound consisting of copper, silver, lead, sulfur and borax; this amalgamation, once removed the excess, colors the carvings with a black hue making them clearer and more readable.
It can also be spread on silver as painting – and this is our case – creating patterns that, unlike the enamel, have no thickness and especially they do not peel off and ruin with time.

4.5 cm
0.6 cm
Lapislázuli, Plata y
País de origen

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