Embossed Silver Pendant depicting Bhairav




Embossed Silver pendant depicting Bhairav, a deity very popular in India (especially in Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu) and in both Nepal and Tibet.
Revered by Hindus and Buddhists, Bhairav is the most terrible shape of Shiva – one of the major Hindu Gods – who can manifest himself in various forms. He is often depicted nude, he can be black or dark blue, and – if tinged with ritual paintings – white. His eyes are rotating, he has many arms but only one head. He is often seen playing with weapons in both hands, with garlands and necklaces made of skulls, as well as his crown.
To him are addressed the first prayers in the morning, just after dawn, and in the tantric religion he is the expression of mystic momentum, the impulse, the anger that joins the fulfillment.

2.3 cm
Country of origin
Sterling Silver