Ethnic Jewel Buddhist Ga’u with Garuda and Green Tara




Spectacular jewel Ga’u, typical of the Nepalese and Tibetan handicraft.
It is completely hand made, from the vessel box to the decorations realized with a series of gemstones cut and set to recreate an important ornament for the Buddhist culture.
On the upper part there is the figure of Garuda, the bird man, often mounted by Vishnu and usually found on bended knees in front of the temples dedicated to Vishnu or as a guardian of the mountain caves sacred to this god.
He is represented with human features, except for the big, opened wings. He sometimes has (as in this case) a bird’s head, in particular a raptor’s one, and in this case his whole figure has been represented in a spectacular way: Turquoise body, Lapis Lazuli and Red Coral wings, and white seashell pieces for the mountains under his feet.
In the Buddhist Pantheon Garuda can be considered as the viaticum of Amoghsiddhi, the fifth Buddha, who represents the cosmic element of Samskar – the one that enables, purifies and makes people ready to accomplish difficult tasks or take dangerous steps -. His symbol is the Vajra, or Dorge.
On the inside of this Ga’u there is a splendid green Tara, considered the spiritual bride of Amoghsiddhi. Very similar to the White Tara – for this reason they are considered as equals – she represents the personification of promptness and activity and embodies the spirit of the good wife and woman. In her left hand she carries an almost bloomed lotus flower.
She is historically linked to those real Nepalese and Chinese princesses who married the king Srang Tsan and have been considered as the first to introduce Buddhism in Tibet and China.
She is warmly worshipped because she carries within her all the ‘good women’ and is regarded as a savior.
The Ga’u is further embellished by the presence of a Dorje, symbol of all immutable things and of the clear essence of truth. It corresponds to the concept of the Absolute, for its spotless transparency.
On the backside of the Ga’u there is a protective Mantra in embossed Silver.

5.5 cm
2.5 cm
Country of origin
Semi precious Stones, Silver and, Vermeil