Gao or Ga’u – typical box-amulet of all Buddhist Himalayan crafts




Original Gao, or Ga’u, typical box-amulet of all Buddhist Himalayan crafts considered small portable shrines, are composed of three elements:
– A metal case, which can be of gold, silver or other metal, with the shape and the most different dimensions, with a small window at the front which allows to see inside. These boxes are usually very decorated and engraved with the eight auspicious Buddhist symbols
– A fabric part that covers entirely the box with a front flap which allows the opening
– The content of Gao can range from a sacred image, relics, small scrolls with mantra, blessed medicines and anything that might be special and sacred.

Specifically, this Gao is made of copper with the front side in silver, and inside has a small effigy of Kharachheri, considered to be the Buddha of the six-syllable ‘om mani padme um’ very powerful and effective and therefore constantly prayed.

Measuring 85 cm strap

8 cm
4 cm
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