oggettistica etnica
arte de los huicholes
oggettistica etnica
Huichol art

Huichol Art from Mexico – ‘Thunderbird’ Eagle




Marvelous object of Huichol artistic craftsmanship that reproduces the Thunderbird bird, considered maximum supernatural expression of power and strength in the mythology of many Native American indigenous tribes.

The artefact is made of wood covered with wax – typical processing of the art of the Huicholes – on which the colored glass beads that draw and paint it, making it a lively, meaningful and good omen object; a collector’s item.
Keep it away from heat sources.

The Huicholes are an ethnic group living in central-western Mexico, in an impervious region that affects many states.
Precisely because of they have always inhabited areas hardly to access, the Huicholes have often managed to avoid wars with other neighboring or colonizing populations, both local and European (Spaniards), and have maintained over the centuries their ancient customs and beliefs.
Nowadys they let us know them through their original craftsmanship.

15 cm
5 cm
Country of origin
Glass, Wood