Joyas Turkmenistán | Collar viejo Tekke u Teke




Original old Necklace made of plaques embossed and decorated with recurring floral motifs combined with a simple centerpiece set with a hand-cut carnelian.
At the center there is the typical triangle-shaped pendant complete with carvings and decorations in vermeil – traditional features of Tekke or Teke crafts – from which descend seven chains with drops, considered as protection against evil spirits.
The carnelian with its beautiful deep color has always been used as a healing and protective material thanks to its properties.
The chain is completely handmade.

Plaques diameter 3.2 cm
Carnelian size cm 2.2×1.6
Size of the triangle pendant cm 5.7×5.2
Pendants length 4.5 cm

Cornalina, Plata y
País de origen

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