collana animaletti
animaletti feticci Zuni
collana animaletti
animaletti feticci Zuni

Joyería artesanal de los Nativos de América | Collar Zuni con fetiches




Characteristic Necklace of Native culture, made by a Zuni craftsman in North America.

The main subjects are the different species of animals here featured following the tradition of Indian fetishes.

The fetishes, called wemawe and typical of the Zuni, Navajo and Pueblo native peoples, are considered the intermediary between men and supernatural forces. The belief is that in the carved animals lie their own spirits, each of which has specific characteristics.
They are used for various purposes, from charms to propitiate hunting and healing practices during ceremonies; they are also protection tools for both the individuals and the communities they live in and may have both practical and spiritual properties.

The materials used to create this beautiful piece are: Chrysocolla stone multicolor, Turquoise, different varieties of Jasper, Caitlinite (a metamorphic clay used by Indians to shape the bowls of their sacred pipes), Jet (a mineral-like fossil wood), Mother of Pearl, Spiney Oyster shell.

The fetishes make up great part of the necklace, while at the back there are a series of tiny slices of shell with a simple silver clasp in the central part.

Necklace of great charm, it fully expresses the original spirit of the initial inhabitants of the lads hereafter called America.

País de origen
América del Norte
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