Necklace of Fulani-Peul tradition made in glass – usually worn by women on their wedding day




Interesting Necklace of Fulani (Peul) tradition made in glass and usually worn by women on their wedding day. Made in Bohemia in the Czech Republic, these glass beads were sold and exported to Africa since the early ‘900. Once exchanged, they were threaded on cords or raffia by local artisans to then be sold as necklaces.
The quality of the manufactured articles can be seen from the details: the parts of union of the pieces are smooth and fit together, as well as the upper part of the drop which has no smearing in relief, all things that can be seen in the newer necklaces.
These drop-shaped pearls, or bulb, are also known as “ brosser ” for their brushed-like appearance, meant as satined, or not shiny.
In local traditions, the most important and rich is the necklace, the higher is the lineage of the bride.
The back of the necklace, which lies on the neck, is lined with cotton so that it does not bother the skin when worn.

78 cm
Glass Paste
Country of origin