Rana Fetiche Zuni – artículo de colección




Zuni Fetish representing a frog. It’s made of Jasper with Turquoise and Coral decoration, an arrow in shell with two feathers.
For Native tribe’s traditions – Zuni, Pueblo and Navajo – fetishes are considered as the link between humans and supernatural forces.
They believed that into every animal lives a Spirit, whose specific characteristics are attributed to each one. So, as a medicine, the strength of the Bear – guide animal of west regions – is the power of introspection, of self look inward, ability to focus and overcome obstacles, finding our own balance.
The arrow on its back, as well as showing the direction both of movement that inside of a spiritual space, allows to see the animal spirit, the soul.

2 cm
2 cm
Piedras semipreciosas
País de origen
América del Norte