Scarf ‘Kantha’ typical of Bengal and Orissa




Silk Scarf made using different old sari fabrics joined together in several layers held together by simple running stitches one after the other, and different alternating colors.
This type of processing, called kantha which in Sanskrit means rag, is typical of the area of Bengal and Orissa, as well as in Bangladesh: even in ancient times, the women used to embroider their clothes to create new and more attractive artifacts.
The uses were diverse: as blankets, towels to wrap the kids, or as sheets to be put on the beds.
The characteristic of these artifacts is that none is the same and that both sides are always different from each other.
Even today this type of production is largely carried out and, as before, appreciated.

You can hand wash the fabric with cold water and mild detergent. Do not let it soak and rinse it with running water.

214 cm
Country of origin

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