Silver cuff Bracelet called ‘Bow Guard and Ketoh’ by the Navajos




Significant Silver cuff bracelet called ‘bow guard’ and ‘ketoh’ by the Navajos, as it was used to protect the arm with which men used the bow to avoid the pain caused by the tension of the string.
Originally, these bracelets had decorated Leather bases but the Navajo were the first ones to create them in Silver instead. The decorative motif is reiterated and includes a central piece that can also be in other materials – such as Turquoise – from which are radiating curved lines towards the four directions. This means that the bracelet acquires a strong symbolic meaning, placing the wearer in prominent position, especially during ceremonies like the rain dance of the Hopi and Zuni tribes.
This particular piece has been created with an aesthetical purpose in mind and, as a bracelet, it utterly reflects the spirit of the Ketoh tradition, lessening the more symbolic part and enhancing the decoration.
The cuff is 8 cm high, presenting both embossed and engraved decorations, while in the centre it features a nice piece of Arizona Turquoise, triangularly and irregularly shaped, in spite of its rigid nature.
The size of the cuff is slightly adjustable.
On the inside stands out the signature of the Artist
B. Carson

8 cm
Silver and, Turquoise
Country of origin
North America