Tajikistan | Traditional Necklace – Jewel




Old refined Necklace handcrafted in Central Asia and made with valuable elements in silver combined with precious red Coral, Lapis lazuli and black Coral.
Jewel coming from Tajikistan – mountainous republic located between Afghanistan, China, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan which has no outlet to the sea –, this necklace clearly expresses the beauty and refinement of the manufacturing, from the silver pieces finely decorated with minute granules and a recurrent stylized pattern to the combination of the colors of the five threads of old red coral matched with discs in lapis lazuli.
The important central pendant, rectangular in shape, is traditionally a container/amulet, used to store prayers and relics.
Up above the box have been placed three beads in black coral, while both at the sides and the bottom of the pendant a set of chains with bells complete it aesthetically besides increasing its protective power.
The necklace ends with two beautiful final elements in fully engraved silver and a handmade chain with the closure.
Jewel of great charm, while expressing its uniqueness this necklace is suitable to be worn regularly without difficulty.

Size of the pendant 7×6.3×1.3 cm
Total height of the pendant 13.5 cm

70 cm
Country of origin
Coral, Lapis lazuli, Silver and