Tibetan craftsmanship from Buddhist monks | Extraordinary Ga’u




Splendid Tibetan Ga’u of considerable size realized in Silver with extremely refined decorations, made even more precious by the subject and the use of the hand-cut stones.
The Ga’u – a sacred box or a reliquary – is a typical piece in the Nepalese and Tibetan handicrafts. It may vary in sizes, shapes and materials, but in this case these three characteristics have been unified to create a unique work of art.
On top of the lid there are two of the main deities, one in Red Coral and the other in Ivory. Both figures, surrounded by two servants in Turquoise, lay on a base of small baroque Pearls. They are further embellished with Rubies, Emeralds and Vermeil decorations.
On the inside of the jewel there is a Buddha in Red Coral sitting in the lotus position surrounded by a crown of Rubies while holding a sword. At his sides there are two dorjes in Turquoise, Pearls and Rubies.
The lateral sides of the box have been completely covered with Turquoise tiles to create a quilted effect giving elegance and delicacy to the piece.
On the back side of the Ga’u and on the inner part of the lid there is a Kalachakra surrounded by the sacre word ‘Ohm’, both in Vermeil.
The upper and lower attacks are also in Vermeil, decorated with tiny multifaceted oval Rubies.
This fine piece of jewelry can easily become part of a collection, given its rarity and uniqueness.

6.5 cm
2.3 cm
Semi precious Stones, Silver and, Vermeil
Country of origin