Vintage Zuni jewellery – Necklace and Earrings




Gorgeous Zuni Necklace with matching Earrings.

The necklace is made up of a beautiful rosette completed on its sides by two decorated elements such as the center where the natural turquoise is cut so small that it looks like an embroidery: this working technique is called the needlepoint. In addition, unlike the Navajo tradition where the stone is cut larger to represent a grain of corn, for the Zuni the cut would thus represent the grain of wheat or wheat. This type of manufacture is very laborious and difficult, the stones are completely hand-cut and set one by one in the frame.

The author who created this jewel is Gerald Etsate, a silversmith of unquestionable skill (signature on the back).

Central rosette measures: height 6 x 4.8 cm
Earrings: height 4.3 cm

Silver and, Turquoise
Country of origin
North America

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